The ski trail system at Birch Brook Nordic Ski Club, just outside Goose Bay, is configured around high rocky knolls that jut from the landscape. The outcrops are inaccessible to skiers but those with snowshoes are able to enjoy the views via a separate network of snowshoe trails that continue to evolve.

Until now, those trails were quite rough and suitable only for winter hiking when there was enough snow to cover up obstacles. A $1400 grant from International Grenfell Association for an “All Season Hiking” project has made a huge difference! About 10km of snowshoe trails have been upgraded for regular hiking. Colorful new maps and signs have been installed and new brochures have been prepared to invite tourists and local participants to explore some special places. Canadian and international visitors leave comments in the guest book at the tra il head kiosk (an earlier IGA sponsored project!) and the new hiking trails will certainly add to destination appeal!

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There was a guided hike in early October along one of the popular routes. Comments about it being like an enchanted space where one might expect to encounter gnomes at every turn inspired a few of the signs!


Submitted by Betty Anne Fequet