The Charles J. Andrew Youth Treatment Centre, located in Sheshatshiu, NL, is devoted to the healing of aboriginal youth and their their families. Their Holistic Healing treatment program is integral to the success of their clients, and the program is strongly influenced by traditional aboriginal values and beliefs which are used to nurture and build self-confidence, as well as develop skills among youth and families to help them reach their full potential as community members.

Charles J Andrew Youth Treatment Centre

The Charles J. Andrew Youth Treatment Centre in Sheshatshiu, NL.

By receiving a grant this past summer, the centre was able to purchase a new 15 passenger transit van. With this van, the centre is able to assist clients’ transportation the their unique land-based program, located 60 kilometers up the Trans-Labrador Highway. The van enables families to travel together to and from the program as well as events, and can accommodate all modes of transportation required. This is a tremendous asset for the clients and their families, especially for those who could not access the program due to lack of personal transportation.

“The IGA grant greatly supports the work CJAY does in helping to improve the lives of indigenous people in Atlantic Canada and beyond. ┬áIt has greatly contributed success of our program.”

– Ms. Felicia Allingham, Charles J. Andrew Youth Treatment Centre