This past year, the IGA awarded a $25,000 grant to the Northern Peninsula Regional Service Board. This grant was specifically for the Straits Fire Department’s project “Extrication and Suppression Equipment”. The Straits Fire Department serves Northern Peninsula towns from Anchor Point to Eddie’s Point East and responded to a total of 42 calls in 2017.

The IGA Grant was used to purchase a variety of new equipment for the Department. On a more recent emergency call, the newly purchased generator was used to provide heat and light during a back-country call with sub-zero temperatures. All equipment purchased has enabled the fire department to be better prepared for any calls they may receive.

The Straits Fire Department notes that they are now able to respond to potential carbon monoxide poisoning calls as well. IGA funding also enabled the purchase of equipment that assists crews in mechanically ventilating properties with high carbon monoxide levels.

The IGA is very pleased to have worked with the Northern Peninsula Regional Service Board on behalf of the Straits Fire Department for the purchase of such valuable equipment.

IGA Pleased to Support Straits Fire Department      2017 IGA project