As a volunteer fire department in a rural area with a low population, it has been a challenge for the Main Brook Fire Department to acquire grants and funding to obtain the equipment it desperately needs. The IGA grant money that was awarded to the Main Brook Fire department has been used to obtain some of this necessary equipment. With the grant, they were able to purchase Ska Pack Supplied Air Respirators for the 12 volunteer firefighters.

The grant has allowed them to provide quality service to the 253 residents in Main Brook by increasing their chances of being able to tackle fires successfully and safely. With the air respirators, the fire department has increased confidence to successfully handle smoke filled rooms during a fire, a feat that can potentially save lives in the future. As the nearest fire department to the St. Anthony Airport, having this equipment will also allow faster response times to any fire related emergencies at the airport

MB fire department SKA

Four Respirators that were purchased.