The International Grenfell Association


Once again this year, the IGA application process for its Bursaries is on-line, which ultimately should be more convenient for applicants, and in line with other processes (i.e. applications to post-secondary institutions, student loans, etc.).


The following IGA Bursaries (supported by annual grants) will henceforth be awarded annually and are available to students resident in the region served by the International Grenfell Association:

Bursaries are to be awarded primarily dependent on need, to deserving students accepted or continuing in a post-secondary educational institution, as follows:

i) A number of $1000 Bursaries, $2000 Bursaries, $4000 Bursaries, and $6000 Bursaries.
ii) One $4000 Special Bursary, for a student who has been out of full-time schooling for at least five years, and is returning to full-time post-secondary studies.

Both graduating high school students and current post-secondary applicants need to take a full course load in each academic term to be considered for an IGA Bursary.

1. a) Criteria for High School Students

Financial need will be the primary factor taken into consideration in the determination of an award.
Notice(s) of assessment from Canada Revenue Agency must also now be included with the application.
Awards will be made to those students who, during their high school program,
demonstrate academic ability, industry, and promise, and who have achieved high academic average results in any seven Level III courses which he/she undertakes.
In determining academic ability, the previous year’s final exam results and the current mid-year exam results – if schools undertake mid-term examinations – will be considered.
Application forms for applying for an IGA Bursary are now to be completed and submitted on-line, through the IGA website at the following link:

The deadline for high school students to apply for IGA Bursaries is
February 28th.

Those selected must complete Level III examinations, achieving grades consistent with previous attainment, and be eligible for entrance to university or a post-secondary institution.
Successful high school applicants must undertake a full course load in their post-secondary studies, normally a minimum of five courses per semester.

b) Criteria for University/College Students

Awards will be made to those students who, during their university or college program have demonstrated academic ability, industry and promise and who are undertaking a full course load (normally five courses per semester).
In determining academic ability, the current fall semester and winter semester record will be considered.
In addition to academic criteria, financial need will be considered as the primary factor in determining awards.
Notice(s) of assessment from Canada Revenue Agency must now be included with the application.
The deadline for post-secondary students to apply for IGA Bursaries is also February 28th.

Again, please use the following link to set up an account, and to apply:

Both secondary and post-secondary applicants will be notified on or before June 30th, as to the outcome of their application.

Please note the following:

– The IGA does not consider funding a Bursary for students who already have a diploma or degree.

– If a recipient is wait-listed for a course or program, the IGA will defer a Bursary only until January of the following semester (assuming the wait list is effective in September). Beyond that, the student will need to re-apply.

– The IGA Bursary Program does not fund part-time studies.

– IGA Bursaries are not paid during a students’ paid work term, but are deferred to the next academic term.