The International Grenfell Association was once the major organization providing health care, education, religious services, and other social activities to the fishing industries and coastal communities in northern Newfoundland and coastal Labrador.

The IGA prides itself on continuing the tradition of excellence in community care that Dr. Grenfell brought with him to the shores of this province.

Today our role, as a registered charitable organization, is to empower local non-profit organizations that offer community services by offering them financial support through grants and bursaries.
Our core values rest on the traditional values originally expressed in the first years of the Grenfell mission:

Service – Our mission is to help grow the health, education, social, and cultural well-being of the people of Northern Newfoundland and coastal Labrador, by working in partnership with government and other agencies. We are here for you and encourage you to avail of our services to help support your community.

Community building – We exist to foster an ever-increasing sense of social connection and healthy community spirit, and we actively encourage applications that support the development of projects that are in line with this idea.

Innovation – There is no single project or mandate that we will not endorse. Rather, every community project brought forward for our consideration will be given full review, and we encourage new ideas for projects that will offer new and better ways of doing things, as well as further enhance the general well-being of all members of the communities we aim to serve.