Organization: Hope Air

Project: Flights of Hope – Coastal Labrador and Northern Peninsula

Grant: $20,000


Newfoundland and Labrador has vast, wide-open spaces.  Despite its natural beauty, those living in more remote areas are faced with long, sometimes harrowing drives just to gain access to the healthcare they deserve.

Without IGA funding, 38% of those for whom tickets have been purchased would have to cancel or reschedule medical appointments, while another 21% would have to borrow money to purchase their own flights.  Another 12% would face a 4-12 hour drive to get to the care they need.

The IGA grant was earmarked to purchase flights for low-income patients from Newfoundland and Labrador.

The support from the IGA has provided more than 50 flights and access to vital care.  In doing so, the IGA is helping organizations to build stronger, healthier communities across the province.