Organization: Ivy Durley Place

Project: Walk-In Bath Tub

Grant: $14,600

“Thanks to the IGA, we were able to get a walk in bath tub which enabled our staff and 36 residents to enjoy the comfort and safety of such a wonderful piece of equipment”

– Ms. Judy Way, CEO, Straits-St. Barbe Chronic Care Corporation (Ivy Durley Place)


Staff were unable to transfer residents safely to and from the existing bath tub.  Not only was it unsafe for the residents, all of whom are elderly or require assisted living support, but staff were also at constant risk of injury.

IGA funding allowed Ivy Durley Place to progress with the installation of a walk-in bath tub.  This was key to improving the bathing needs of all 36 residents and allowed safer access for personal care needs.

The equipment has led to some of the residents being able to bathe themselves, giving them a vital sense of independence.  Staff are also able to provide more timely baths, therefore being able to spend more time providing essential care to  all residents.

“As a non-profit organization, we have been fortunate to have the IGA as our partner in other projects which have enabled us to provide excellent service for the residents of Ivy Durley Place”

– Ms. Way