At the recent IGA Board of Directors meeting in the Labrador Straits, Ms. Sheila Downer was unanimously accepted as the newest member of the IGA Board.

Ms. Downer has lived in Labrador for more than 30 years and is a strong advocate for the development of rural, Northern and coastal communities. She has worked as part of a team throughout Labrador to build local knowledge, skills and effective tools to support the way people live, work and do business in Northern communities and has been actively involved in a wide range of community, regional and international organizations.

She currently works with Memorial University’s Office of Public Engagement and Labrador Institute as the Northern Liaison and also serves as the Vice President of Finance, Development and Engagement for the University of the Arctic.

The IGA Board looks forward to working with Ms. Downer in the coming years in support of the people of the Northern Peninsula and Coastal Labrador!