Established in June 2000, the St. Anthony and Area Boys & Girls Club is a community-based, charitable organization with a present membership of approximately 160 children and youth in the community of St. Anthony. Their programs aim to enhance quality of life, improve self-esteem, and help members make positive decisions in their lives. With the aid of these programs and activities their members experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships, and develop confidence and skills for life, thereby promoting successful transition into adulthood.


These benefits also extend to parents and caregivers, who are provided with a safe, positive, and affordable place for their children to interact and socialize while acquiring new skills. The community Benefits in having children and youth engage in positive activities that provide the skills and knowledge needed to become successful and productive adults.

Some of their programs include an “After-School Program,” with approximately 30-40 members each day, “Leadership Program,” “Girls & People Identifying as Girls – Wellness Program,” “Homework Haven,” “Dance Program,” a “Summer Program” as well as other recreational activities.

With a recent grant from the IGA, the St. Anthony and Area Boys & Girls Club, were able to take advantage of the final un-renovated space in their building to create a sensory room for children who find themselves in special circumstances at times!


This space will cater to children that have autism, anxiety, and ADD/ ADHD. Allowing them to have a quiet space to focus on their feelings while being open to all children to use under the care or supervision of family and/or friends and caring staff. Many parents/caregivers are seeking a space for children with special needs. Some children within the program could benefit from the use of this space to offload emotions and decompress from a stressful moment or day. This project aims to bring a sense of belonging to all children and through inclusion, develop a safe, caring, tactile learning environment.

The IGA is extremely pleased to have helped bring this space to a reality!