A BIG Buddy Thank You to the IGA for their recent $10,000 contribution to our new playground structures! The old structures had become old and unsafe for our students, so our School Council went on a mission of fundraising to purchase new ones. It took them 2 years to reach our goal and now we have two beautiful, fun-filled structures for students to play on.
We encourage outdoor activity to enhance students’ learning. It also promotes healthy and active living while developing so many social skills!

Peacock Playground

Research has shown that active children who can play outside are happier, less stressed, and perform better in school.
We are now preparing for Phase 2 of our project and that is the development of zones in our playground and a walking trail around the perimeter of the area. We want to create a sandbox zone, a Tonka Truck zone, and a picnic zone, and also want to put a walking trail around the perimeter with a recycled material.

Again, a special thank you to the IGA as one of the community partners that made this project a reality!

Submitted By:
Sandra Broomfield
Principal, Peacock Primary School
Happy Valley-Goose Bay