Incorporated on March 24, 1987, the Labrador Straits Historical Development Corporation (LSHDC) is a non-profit organization formed in response to an interest in historical resources by community leaders along the Labrador Straits. The Corporation was established “to promote the development of historical resources in the region and the tourism opportunities they offer.”

In 2017, the IGA granted LSHDC funding for a two year project entitled “Finding Grenfell”.

This project is an interactive tour, designed to explore the Grenfell legacy along the South Labrador coast. The tour began with a map that identifies communities that are part of the story. Explorers – students, visitors or local travelers – are encouraged to visit a location in each community on the tour where they will learn more through an exhibit that includes a community map with sites of interest, photos and stories. The online map has clickable links for each community that leads to more detailed interpretation.

The project will be implemented by the Culture Heritage and Arts Resource Team (CHART) of the Labrador Straits Historical Development Corporation (LSHDC). The research phase of the first year of the project began in the fall of 2017 for a project launch during the summer of 2018. The second phase of the project began in September 2018 for implementation during the summer of 2019.

One of the more tangible outcomes of this project was the development and launch of a website entitled Finding Grenfell.

The IGA is very pleased to have helped make this project a reality, and congratulates the team at LSHDC for helping to preserve and maintain the Grenfell legacy!


labrador straits historical development corporation (LSHDC)

Labrador Straits Historical Development Corporation