Pictured from left to right: Members of the Forteau Lions Club – Truman Buckle, Nancy Flynn, Cecil Flynn, Clifford Buckle, Madeline Flynn, Nelson Flynn

The Forteau Lions Club supports the school, hospital, youth, seniors, and individuals in need, in and near their community. They promote outdoor activities by supporting the ski club, assisting athletes with travel expenses, operating a tube slide hill and even encourages environmental concerns by supporting community and regional clean-ups.

On a provincial level they support the Lions Max Simms Camp for challenged children and individuals, Ronald McDonald House, and the Janeway Children’s Hospital. Nationally, they support the Lions Guide Dog Program. Also, they regularly support international disasters with financial assistance.

This Lions Club is run by an elected executive and its activities are monitored by a Zone chairperson and the District Governor.

With the grant awarded from the IGA, the Forteau Lions Club constructed a storage and maintenance garage for their trail groomer and the ski club’s snowmobile and tow behind groomer (for grooming when there are smaller amounts of snow), and various other equipment (brush cutter, chainsaws, supplies and general maintenance tools).

The building measures 24 x 30 ft and 10 feet high with a cement floor and a pit in the center to enable maintenance of the undercarriage of the snow groomer. All tools, supplies and equipment are also now stored in this secure building.

The building benefits both the Forteau Lions Club and the Mount Nascopi Ski Club and of course the public. Previously, they did not have a location to do repairs or maintenance, resulting in having to wait for an appointment at a local garage or until the weather is suitable to do the work outside.

The new building allows maintenance and repairs in a timely manner, being able to make oil changes, work to the hydraulic system, etc. in a proper facility where oil can be collected and recycled properly to prevent spillages and eliminate the chance for environmental damage caused by spills or wastage.

The IGA is very pleased to have been able to assist the Forteau Lions Club in making this facility a reality!

Thanks to the many volunteers in the Club who provide such a worthwhile service to the local area and beyond!