Thanks to an IGA grant, the fire department in the community of L’Anse au Clair now has a new radio system, including mobile radios, attachments, and keypad displays.

Previously there was no radio system in place.

But now, these new radios will enable fire fighters to communicate effectively during training and in emergencies and allow them to provide each other with critical information and important updates.

Portable radios provide fire fighters from indoor locations to communicate with fire fighters on a rescue call on the same frequency, providing a communication link that can relay vital information and saving valuable time.

The mobile radio equipment purchased with the grant received by the IGA will be in use by the fire department for many years. Quality two-way radios such as the models purchased, often last 7-10 years. The town will assist with any battery replacements, if necessary, and keep in contact with the fire department to ensure any related needs for the project are addressed.

The fire department purchased two additional mobile radios and two additional lapel speaker microphones than originally planned. There are many firefighters in the department and the additional equipment will ensure more people are able to communicate with each other!

The IGA is very pleased to have contributed to this project, and thanks all members of the fire departments in the region for their commitment to keeping communities safe!

Pictured above: Colin Letto (standing and wearing helmet/radio) and Jamie O’Brien (sitting in truck).