The RCSCC 285 Leif Erickson Corps. is located in St. Lunaire-Griquet. They teach 12-18 year olds in a structured environment about citizenship, leadership, instructional technique, physical fitness, Naval customs, seamanship, and navigation, among other subjects related to the ocean and sailing. The organization recently wanted to create a music program in the corps. by developing a Glock and Drum band and honour guard. This music program’s intention was to enhance their training program through diversifying their activities.

With the help of the IGA, RCSCC 285 was able to purchase an ensemble consisting of 4 snare drums, 4 glockenspiels, 2 tenor drums, cymbals, a base drum. The honour guard will consist of a 16 member flag party to complement the band and promote citizenship and physical fitness through mobile demonstrations. In order to develop a music program, they hired a music instructor to teach basic, then more advanced, music compositions.

After implementing the program, the original members of the band have succeeded and surpassed the expectations of the 285 Leif Eriksen leadership. They had hoped to get a least 4 songs that the cadets could play together as a group after a 2 month period of instruction. To date, that number is up to 6 full songs and more songs are being practiced. Newer cadets are joining the band and being taught by their peers, creating a positive environment for new band recruits and a healthy learning fun atmosphere for the groups as a whole.

One particular example of the impact the program has had was outlined by Lt(N) Christopher Humby. He says “One extremely positive effect is that we had a really shy and introverted cadet who was afraid to play his instrument, when he did attempt it it was never loudly or with confidence. Since the introduction of the new band equipment this cadet has come completely out of his shell doing a complete 180 and is now playing confidently and with pride, all this while taking on a new instrument that is much harder to learn and play. His newly found confidence has spilled out into other aspects of his cadets career making him a better cadet, leader and citizen of this great country.”

The IGA is happy to have a part in funding this program that has had so many positive impacts for youth in and around St. Lunaire-Griquet!