The Mount St. Margaret Ski Club, located near Plum Point, has trails that are used for a variety of purposes, from walkers wanting to get out in nature to hosting school running events. Most importantly however, they are used as ski trails, where various high school regional, provincial, and Atlantic ski events are held. It is also the only viable ski trail for the surrounding towns. However, the current trail groomer was almost at the point of no repair, and the trails were not able to be groomed at the desired standards.

Due to this need, the club was recently able to purchase a new groomer for their ski trails. The groomer was purchased with the help of a grant from the IGA, as well as funds from the club itself to purchase additional accessories. The piece of equipment is a much needed addition to the club, as it will increase incentive and ability for youth and adults to use the trails without worrying about the conditions and safety.

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While the groomer was received late in the season, it was able to make its first test run on the end of season “Fun Day” for the club members. Although the vehicle used to haul the groomer labored under the new equipment, the final results were impressive! The members who participated in the fun day were impressed by the way the trails were prepared as compared to before the groomer was used. The ski club hopes that with the continued use, beginning next season, more community members will be inclined to use the trails and join the ski club.

The IGA proudly supports organizations that constantly want to improve the community’s well being such as the Mount St. Margaret Ski Club!