This past year, the IGA awarded the Harbourview Manor in Mary’s Harbour a grant for the installation of energy efficient windows. The manor is a 20 bed personal care home and is operated by the Battle Harbour Assisted Living Corporation, a not for profit, charitable organization. The aim of the organization is to provide quality, supervised, residential accommodation to adults who are no longer able to live independently due to social circumstance or disabilities. The mission of the organization is to provide a safe, comfortable and healthy environment for the residents that they care for.

The funds awarded were used by the organization to replace the 26 windows in the building with energy star windows. 16 out of 26 windows in the facility had failed seals, which was causing a major increase in the hydro bill each month, as well as deteriorating the residents’ environment with constant drafts from the windows. The organization considered simply replacing the seals, however it would only be a short term fix for the building, so a decision was made to replace all the windows with energy star windows in order to take a step towards energy efficiency.

The windows were replaced, and the Harbourview Manor has seen great improvements due to the replacement. The residents are comfortable, as the drafty windows were replaced. Furthermore, the hydro electricity costs were lowered, allowing the organization to free up funds for other necessities for residents.  The IGA is happy to support important organizations like the Harbourview Manor in improving their facilities!