Everything old is new again! This past summer, the IGA awarded the Battle Harbour Historic Trust two grants. One of these grants was used to restore the Shop building, which was built in the 1920’s after Dr. Grenfell’s first hospital burned down in Battle Harbour. Many of the surrounding buildings had previously been restored, but the shop building had extensive rot and flaking oil paint on the building, and did not convey the same feeling as the rest.  As the Shop is the first building guests enter when coming to Battle Harbour, it is important that it creates the same atmosphere as the rest of the buildings on the site.

With the grant awarded by the IGA, the Battle Harbour Historic Trust was able to finish its restoration of the shop building. It is now just as beautiful as the rest of the town, and visitors can admire the aesthetics without the run down appearance of the building. Kudos to the local craftspeople for the fine work on this historic structure in Battle Harbour!