On Friday May 10th the first St. Anthony Spring Showcase was held to great success with the help of Joe Donaghey, coordinator of the IGA Music Program, and Jeff Patey from the Iceberg Festival. With 14 acts and sold out tickets, a total of $540 was raised for the St. Anthony Boy’s & Girl’s Club! Performers, and the audience, were treated to various snacks, drinks, and some tempting raffle gift baskets.


The full list of performers are as follows:

Ben Calloway

Amy & Roxanne Loder

Angela Byrne

Cheryl Knight

Kailey Tucker

Calvin Blake

Danielle Burden

Mark Saunders

Rikita Twyne & Kaya Tucker

Tiffany Mclean

Alisha Simms

Jordan Mugford & Albert Kinsella

Cam Simms, Cole Thompson, And Luke Reardon


The organizers want to special thanks to all of their performers, volunteers, and everyone who donated.