The IGA recently partnered with H.G. Fillier Academy in support of their grant entitled “3D Printers = 3D Minds”!

H.G. Fillier Academy is a school in Englee with 35 students, from kindergarten to grade 9! The school is always looking for ways to provide their students with innovative learning experiences.


H.G. Fillier Academy in Englee!

The most recent grant funded by the IGA enabled H.G. Filler Academy to purchase 3D printers which are now being used by students. The students have learned how to properly care for the printers, how to use slicing software to create their 3D print projects, and how to properly transfer files from a computer to the 3D printers.


A student with a 3D printed toy!

With technology education being so important in today’s day and age, this project is an amazing learning experience for students!

The school hopes to teach students how to do specific tasks through coding. Among other school assignments, the students have learned to make decorative items, keychains, special accessories for gaming, drink coasters, and organizational items!


The IGA wishes nothing but the best to the students and staff at H.G. Fillier Academy and is very proud to see the success of this project!