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Hope Air is a national charity providing free travel and accommodations for Canadians in financial need who must access medical care far from home. Hope Air provides this free service in a part of the International Grenfell Association’s (IGA) service region, of Northern Newfoundland.

“Hope Air is deeply grateful to the International Grenfell Association for partnering with us on this critically important program for families in your area.”

The majority of the IGA’s service region is remote, with limited health care compared to more urban areas. Compounding on this situation, the travel from these remote regions can be exceptionally expensive with a one-way trip from St. John’s to St. Anthony averaging $453. As a result, without support from Hope Air, many residents would be forced to forgo vital medical services.

This makes the work that Hope Air conducts in the region even more necessary. To date in 2021 the IGA awarded a $20,000 grant which in turn, allowed Hope Air to provide 42 travel arrangements to and from St. Anthony. Ten different patients (most with serious illnesses) were enabled to fly to St. John’s to receive medical services such as cancer treatment, orthopedic surgeries, and treatment for a neurological disorder. The patients so far have ranged in age from teens to 65+.

The IGA is very pleased to have been able to aid Hope Air in providing patients in Northern Newfoundland with the ability to travel for life-saving health care.