First Step has a mission: to advance access to healthcare, by coordinating and providing medical travel assistance to all those living on the northern tip of Newfoundland’s Northern Peninsula.

First Step is a charitable organization coordinating assistance, raising money, and paying part of the medical travel expenses for those in need. This past year, the IGA supported it’s fundraising efforts by awarding the organization a grant.

With these funds, First Step helped 48 people with their medical travel expenses. Of these, 31 travelled to St. John’s and 17 to Corner Brook. The average given per traveler was approximately $426.66, and used to help pay for their travel, accommodation, and food.

Being such a geographically isolated part of the province, those living here are often those who can least afford medical travel costs. Based on an analysis of their data, the information in the applications, and pre/post trip discussions with the traveler, First Step provided a significant portion of the cost of medical travel this year.

First Step is grounded in the belief that the lack of resources should never obstruct the right to access necessary medical care, and raise their money through a diverse group of individuals, community groups, and businesses. The IGA is thrilled to be able to support this organization.

To learn more about First Step, check out their Facebook page: