This past year, the International Grenfell Association (IGA) has supported First Step’s fundraising efforts by awarding the organization a multi-year grant of $90,000 over three years.  First Step is a charitable organization coordinating assistance, raising money, and paying part of the medical travel expenses for those in need.  It’s a life-line for many.

Within the first year of the grant, First Step assisted with 67 medical trips with the average financial support per trip of $448.07, to help pay for travel, accommodation and other related expenses.

The First Step mission is to advance access to healthcare, by coordinating and providing medical travel assistance to all those living on the northern tip of Newfoundland’s Northern Peninsula.  The IGA is proud to have been able to help this organization accomplish its mission.

Mark Wilkoff, the President of First Step, states, “For years, many people living on the northern tip of Newfoundland’s Northern Peninsula (NTNNP) were unable to afford to travel to the health care they needed.  In 2017 we created First Step to fill this gap.  Since its creation, First Step has assisted with 236 medical trips for 129 different people disbursing over $100,000.   A life-long resident of the area recently said that she “did not know what the people (of the NTNNP) would do without First Step.”

Throughout First Step’s journey the IGA has been a dedicated and supportive partner.

To learn more about First Step, check out their Facebook page or their website.  If you would like further information about this grant, please get in touch.