The Battle Harbour saltfish production was the main reason for the existence of the community of Battle Harbour, and in its heyday possessed one of the largest fish flakes in the province. With the original flake gone, a new smaller flake was reconstructed in the 1990s and once again, over the past 25+ years the fish flake deteriorated, and required removal from the site.

The Battle Harbour HFish Flake Restoration in Battle Harbouristorical Trust  wanted to ensure an authentic and enriching experience for visitors and consequently aimed to rebuild a smaller, but functional flake in the location of the old structure. The flake will be put to use in the summer when guests visit the island, to provide the real experience of “making” fish.

This past summer, the IGA awarded The Battle Harbour Historic Trust a grant to rebuild this key piece of the community’s heritage. The IGA is glad to have funded this project as Battle Harbour played such a crucial role in the history of the organization. The maintenance of such structures is integral to keeping the history of the region alive as it provides a tangible tie to the past and can be used by visitors to get a true sense of the lives of those who lived before.


BattleHarbourFishFlake1   BattleHarbourFishFlake5