ArtHive3Labrador Straits Academy is a K-12 school located in L’anse au Loup, in the Labrador Straits. Staff at the school attended an Art Hive training session and were inspired to start a version that suits the needs of the Labrador Straits Academy student body.

They use mobile carts in the program, similar to wheeled luggage, in that they are easily transported from one location to another and are weatherproof. The interior of each art cart has various sections, allowing for organization and storage of art supplies.

Staff learned that the community of Sheshatsiu’s Art Hive has resulted in mental health benefits, creative benefits, and leadership benefits for participants. Youth participation at the Labrador Straits Academy has been positive, and the creative outlet has fostered leadership coping skills.

The IGA is proud to have supported an initiative that improves the lives of the student population through art therapy!