Recently, the IGA funded a grant from Amaruk Golf Club in Happy Valley-Goose Bay for an initiative called “Junior Golf and Leadership Development Program!”


Amaruk Golf Club is a not-for-profit club that provides residents around the Upper Lake Melville area with a golf course that is challenging for golfers of all ages. Their course consists of nine greens with eighteen tees in total (men’s and women’s).


The club’s junior golf and leadership program is a great opportunity for youth in the area to learn about the sport and further develop their skills.

The IGA provided the club with funds which were used to renovate a portion of the clubhouse.


This is a room which will be used to carry out the program!

This support is in line with IGA’s strategic plan, for community wellness, and to support proposals that promote community pride and belonging while also encouraging healthy living, recreation and physical fitness.

The IGA is very proud to be a partner of Amaruk Golf Club! It’s awesome to see youth getting involved with the sport!