This past year, the IGA funded a project with the French Shore Historical Society entitled “Growing Local Through a Heritage Garden Interpretation”!

The French Shore Historical Society (FSHS) was formed in 2000 by four communities with the goal of preserving the history of the French Shore of Newfoundland. The Society greatly benefits residents and visitors of the community as it has evolved into an economic development resource.


Two children harvesting vegetables from the new garden!

The French Shore Interpretation Centre is run by the Society and exhibits the “Quest for Cod and the French Shore Tapestry, a Basque Chaloupe and two heritage structures in Conche.”  They are also responsible for historic site developments and the preservation of an 18th century French Naval Cemetery.

The French Shore Interpretation Centre has many educational programs. Examples of these programs include workshops for children and adults and extra art exhibits they place throughout the town!

The FSHS recently uncovered a “historic vegetable garden and root cellar from early twentieth century.” With this uncovering and a present-day vegetable garden, the FSHS decided to use this historic site to develop a public program for children to teach them the importance of local food production!


The Society were unable to host workshops this past summer due to COVID restrictions. However, the children were able to visit other gardens to see how and what other people were growing. With the help of a small group of children, the Society was able to plant and harvest vegetables such as potato, turnip, and cabbage with hopes to plant more this year.

The IGA is a proud partner of the French Shore Historical Society and looks forward to seeing what they harvest next!