Incorporated in 1974, the Southern Labrador Development Association (SLDA) has a long
history of social and economic development in the Labrador Straits. SLDA is governed by a
Board of Directors with representation from the communities of L’Anse au Clair, Forteau, L’Anse
au Loup, West St. Modeste, and Pinware.

The intent of this project is to provide an opportunity for residents to supplement healthy living
by growing fresh vegetables at a lower cost!

With the help of the IGA, 42 garden plots were cleared, tilled and designated by markers and
numbers. About 20 raised garden boxes were constructed and filled with topsoil, agricultural
lime and manure and readied for planting, and 30 plots were ready in time for planting in 2023.
All plots have been allocated to home gardeners for 2024 and demand continues to grow!
All garden plots are tilled each year by SLDA and all raised boxes are ready for use taking away
much of the physical exertion required!

The positive response from gardeners and other community members shows a renewed interest
in gardening. The fact that 42 garden plots and 20 raised boxes are currently being used by
gardeners from 5 different communities indicate a wide community use of the facility.

The IGA is very pleased to have contributed towards this worthwhile initiative!