Located in St. Anthony White Hills Academy opened in 2013, and services students from a number of communities including St. Anthony, L’anse aux Meadows, Straistview, Hay Cove, Noddy Bay, Gunner’s Cove, St, Lunaire-Griquet, Raleigh, Ship Cove, St. Anthony Bight, St. Carol’s, Great Brehat and Goose Cove. The school strives to provide students with the best educational experiences they are able to provide.

This past year, the IGA funded a project worth $10,000 to enable White Hills Academy to create a Library Learning Commons space for all students. The school’s library has transformed into a more welcoming and comfortable place, with a designated reading and a cafĂ© style area. This area includes standing tables with laptops and iPads, Lego walls, flexible seating areas, collaborative seating areas, magazine racks and spaces to encourage creativity.

Students, faculty and staff alike can all enjoy the benefits of the library learning commons for years to come. It creates an area where students can be creative and social, while providing a space for a calming reprieve from the regular school routine!

We are proud to support such impactful endeavors!