Makkovik’s new view finder (funded by the IGA) will be used by local residents and tourists alike. The view finder has been installed to enhance walker’s experience of the town’s stunning boardwalks. The view finder provides users with a close up view of the Atlantic Ocean and its features such as ice bergs, wildlife and the flora and fauna unique to Labrador.

In its own strategic plan, the IGA has highlighted that it supports healthy lifestyles and maintenance of good health, as well as projects that promote community pride, while encouraging recreation and fitness.

In the past several years, the IGA has supported many walking trails around the region, with this one being a primary recent example!

The photo below shows some of the idyllic views Makkovik, from a distance however, the view finder allows sight seers to zoom in on each aspect of the panoramic views offered by the beautiful town.


The view finder is intended to garner attention from tourists and locals, to improve the tourism experience in the area! Be sure to check it out if you visit Makkovik, and tag the IGA!