The Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay has built a new wellness centre that will be known as the Central Labrador YMCA. It is situated in a highly populated and growing area of Happy Valley-Goose Bay that is accessible to more than 10,000 people of the Upper Lake Melville region. 

This new facility contains exercise space, an aquatics centre, youth centre, child care centre, community/multi-purpose rooms, a walking track, gymnasium, a canteen, lobby, and dedicated space for gymnastics and judo.  Through the YMCA Financial Assistance Program, the facility will be open to everyone and help eliminate socio-economic barriers that keep people from accessing health and wellness programs.


The new Central Labrador YMCA is a modern, accessible centre that will offer programming to support the wellness ambitions of the people in the region. It will bring people together by eliminating inclusion barriers and isolation, while satisfying the critical need to improve population health. The YMCA offers unmatched safety, training, and quality standards to the community, maximizing each individual’s wellness journey.

This centre is first accessible building of its kind in the area, enabling the population (including those with disabilities and mobility impairments) to participate in programs and services suited to their needs. The YMCA has and will continue to have a profound impact on improving wellness, increasing access to quality child care, reducing healthcare costs and providing local employment opportunities. 

A wide variety of government, community, corporate and private partners helped make this project a reality, and the IGA is very proud to have been able to contribute and partner with all of them!