The Mary’s Harbour Fire Department recently organized its first ever training program for the volunteer firefighters in the surrounding area. The program was intended to increase the firefighter’s knowledge and training and overall safety skills when responding to emergencies. Over the nine days of the intense program, instructors covered the theory and practical portions, finishing off with practical scenarios followed by proper decontamination and cleaning sessions. Materials used in the program include:

  • A forcible entry door that was brought to site by Labrador City’s FD
  • A 40-foot sea can which the instructors constructed walls within and had a man door and a window installed.
  • A small structure built by the instructors to allow for vertical ventilation, forcible entry through a wall and window and reduced clearance entry with an SCBA.
  • Two vehicles for vehicle fires


The supplies and equipment needed for the course were borrowed from the various fire departments and the rest were constructed by instructors.

Instructors from throughout the Labrador region gathered to share their knowledge, skills, and expertise with program attendees. Instructors included: FPO Evan Power (Labrador City Fire Dept.), Fire Chief Marv Butler (Wabush Fire Dept.), Battalion Chief Bryan Fagan (Labrador City Fire Dept.), Firefighter Adam Hickey (Labrador City Fire Dept.), and Firefighter Jonathan Riviere (Labrador City Fire Dept.).


The IGA prides itself in contributing to community initiatives and projects such as this fire department training program. The collaboration of so many communities, organizations and people emphasize the steadfast and close-knit nature of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians. When our fellow residents are in need, the NL community comes together to ensure the well-being of all.