On behalf of the IGA and its Chairman, Mr. R. Keating Hagmann, Ms. Ruth Bell Steinhauer (IGA Director) accepted the Award of Historical Marine Significance at the Turning the Tide gala, held in St. John’s on Thursday, September 16th.  The Award of Historical Marine Significance granted to the IGA is described by Turning the Tide as something pertaining to

“historic significance *which* could be related to a singular event, an accomplishment that has turned the tides of our history, or related to a longer-term activity that has positively impacted our history and culture. Reflecting the strengths that have led to our unique culture and sense of place, the event may be a part of our lesser-known history, or know but deserving of a better understanding and recognition.”

This award recognizes the work of Sir Wilfred Grenfell in the earlier part of the 20th century in the provision of health care via IGA-operated mission ships all around Northern Newfoundland and Coastal Labrador.  The ships commanded by Grenfell provided primary health care to the small isolated communities along the coastline. The actions of Grenfell and his team drastically impacted the lives of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians over many years, and his legacy continues on today through the current work of the IGA.

The IGA wishes to express our sincere gratitude to Turning the Tide for presenting the organization with such a coveted award.

Turning the Tides Award