The Labrador Friendship Centre, located in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, provides assistance through the provision and implementation of services and programs to both transient and resident Aboriginal people of Labrador. The hostel providesĀ invaluable, year-round service to medical patients. Owing to a high demand for accommodation, existing furniture needed to be upgraded. Night stands and dressers, as well as upper cupboards in the kitchen desperately needed to be replaced. Financial restrictions made the cost of this task hard to meet.

Labrador Friendship Center Renovate with IGA Grant

New furniture purchased with a $14,700 IGA grant this past summer.

The IGA grant enabled the center to purchase 12 new nightstands and 12 new dressers for the hostel rooms. In addition, it will enableĀ the center to install the much needed kitchen cupboards. Clients now have a more comfortable place to stay. Crucially, they will have better safety food storage areas for meals that are prepared for their clients.