Ashlyn Normore, originally from L’Anse au Loup, is now living in Bishop Falls. She is attending Keyin College’s Occupational Health and Safety Program—a program she chose for several reasons. Ashlyn is interested in learning about the potential hazards in workplace environments and how to avoid them. She also wants to work in a field where she can help people and make a difference.

An avid volunteer motivated to achieve goals, Ashlyn has given her time to school sports, assemblies, stem cell research, and the Junior Canadian Ranger Program. She has also spent time with the Community Youth Network, and believes volunteering gives her a better interpretation of people’s opinions and feelings.

Ashlyn expanded on her experience with the Junior Canadian Rangers, saying the program taught her survival, emergency, and leadership skills, along with better knowledge of the environment. She put these skills to use when her group went on a 7-day trek through British Columbia, where she displayed motivation and love for the environment.