Kylie is a Bachelor of Physical Education student at MUN’s St. John’s Campus. Originally from L’Anse au Loup, she says her particular interest in the anatomy and physiology of the human body led her to study physical education.

As a university student, Kylie has volunteered with many causes. She is on the dining committee and residence council for her residence (she works as a senior residence assistant at MUN), helped organize a metro ball hockey league with help from organizers of the NL Ball Hockey Association and has also helped with MUN’s physical literacy program, which helps young children and those with special needs learn how to move and interact more efficiently.

In high school, Kylie was a recipient of the Newfoundland and Labrador Volunteer Award and the Loran Scholar Honor Citation for her involvement in her community and school. She also received awards for being the top ranger in the Labrador Straits Patrol of the Junior Canadian Rangers Program as well as being the top sergeant out of every patrol in the province. This led Kylie to be selected by the Junior Canadian Rangers Program to attend the province’s annual “Trail of the Caribou” pilgrimage to Europe.

After completing the physical education program, Kylie wants to either complete a Bachelor of Education so she can teach, or apply to a graduate program in physiotherapy or medicine. Her goal is to have a career where she can having lasting impacts on the lives of others while helping them learn the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. Kylie says she would eventually like to go back to the South Coast of Labrador for some amount of time during career