Bradley Warren is a chemistry student at Memorial University’s St. John’s Campus. He is originally from St. Anthony, and graduated from White Hills Academy in 2014. Bradley wants to complete his undergraduate degree in chemistry and apply to the MUN School of Medicine. He hopes to be educated in the medical field so he can practice in a rural setting in the future.

Bradley is very involved in volunteer work, both at home in St. Anthony and in St. John’s. At home, he was part of many initiatives with his school, Cadet Squadron, and sports teams. He was awarded several music awards for his dedication to and passion of music, as well as the Town of St. Anthony Outstanding Citizen’s Award and the Governor General’s Award.

While living in St. John’s, Bradley is volunteering occasionally with St. John Ambulance, children’s science programs, and the CLB in St. John’s. He has also helped provide online tutoring in chemistry.