Lonnie is a MUN engineering student from Black Duck Cove. After beginning his engineering degree at MUN’s Grenfell Campus is Corner Brook, Lonnie moved to St. John’s to complete the rest of his degree.

As a young adult, Lonnie says he has always enjoyed living in the province. He has participated in many extracurricular activities (during the summer and winter months) that helped bring him success. Lonnie has also participated in basketball at Grenfell Campus and has had numerous opportunities to travel around Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as Nova Scotia, to play the game. He says this has contributed to his positive experience thus far at MUN.

Lonnie hopes to pursue either civil or mechanical engineering and knows many engineering fields offer great opportunities in the work place. He wants to work within the province to see it prosper and thrive for not only him, but for others as well.