Laura Genge from Flowers Cove is a Memorial University (St. John’s campus) Bachelor of Arts student completing an English major and music and culture minor. After completing her arts degree she aims to apply to the Faculty of Education and eventually teach high school students.

A 2013 graduate from Canon Richards Memorial Academy, Laura has volunteered with Skate Canada, Jackrabbits Ski Club, peer tutoring, and has coached school sports teams. She has also worked on SWASP (Student Work and Service Program) jobs for several years with the regional community centre. Presently, Laura plays in the women’s city volleyball league, and spends time going on walks, figure skating, and cross country skiing.

Laura realized that teaching was the career path for her after she dedicated much of her time to tutoring. She spent many hours tutoring with Tutoring for Tuition and discovered her passion for helping kids learn and watching them succeed.