Memorial University nursing student Joanna Penney is from Happy Valley-Goose Bay. She graduated from Mealy Mountain Collegiate in 2014, and was intensively involved with volunteer initiatives prior to graduating.

 Joanna was a part of the leadership team, choir and vocal ensemble, peer mentoring and tutoring, and also volunteered with Kids Eat Smart. Since moving to St. John’s, she is becoming more involved in volunteering, and says she recently got approved to volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada—she completed training for the Go Girls! program as well. Joanna wants to continue being active in school fundraisers and events, and as a peer mentor.

After completing the first year of her degree, Joanna worked with Labrador-Grenfell Health as a personal care attendant. This allowed her to spend time working in long term care back at home. She has decided that she wants to become a registered nurse with Labrador-Grenfell Health, as there is a great need for these in Labrador. Joanna aims to get nursing experience in Happy Valley-Goose Bay before giving back to other coastal Labrador communities, and eventually do travel nursing and help communities worldwide.

Eventually, Joanna wants to complete a master’s degree in nursing and become a nurse practitioner. Her goal is to inspire other young Labradorians to consider health science studies for their post-secondary education.