21-year-old Billie Brown of Englee is attending Memorial University and completing a Physical Education degree with a minor in English. She is attending the St. John’s MUN Campus which required a 1,500 kilometer move from home.

Billie has been heavily involved with sports throughout her life, especially in high school. Sports always played a big role in her life and she enjoys doing them every day, prompting her to pursue Physical Education as a degree. Billie says she wants to be a role model to kids and have the same impact on them as her teachers had on her. Billie still plays various sports while living in St. John’s, noting that she was awarded MVP for her St. John’s volleyball city league team.

Volunteering is important to Billie. She finds joy in helping kids and volunteers with Easter Seals Newfoundland, helping kids participate in a variety of activities. She also volunteers with an Easter Seals program called “I Can Too”. Her team goes to schools presenting kids with the idea that they are able to participate in anything they want, regardless of disability.

On top of going to school full time and volunteering, Billie also works a part time job. She says that all of her activities combined have given her great leadership and time management skills that will be useful for years to come.