Keisha Genge of Anchor Point graduated from Canon Richards Memorial Academy in 2015. She is continuing her education at College of the North Atlantic, where she is enrolled in medical laboratory sciences, with hopes of becoming a medical laboratory technologist.

Keisha has worked with summer student programs with the Town of Anchor Point and the local recreation committee. Throughout high school, she was involved with many sports, including cross country running—where she received medals in zone and regional competitions, basketball, and ice hockey—where she was the team captain. She was also a member of the Crystal Edge Figure Skating Club and Deep Cove Ski Club.

Additionally, Keisha completed the Minor Hockey Program and was a member for about five years. She volunteered at the Straits Arena selling game passes, score keeping, and working in the canteen. Keisha was also an assistant coach for a junior high ball hockey team.

Keisha says her goal is to complete the medical laboratory sciences program and work to assist doctors in finding the best treatments for patients. She is also interested in researching cures for certain diseases, and hopes to eventually find a career on the Northern Peninsula where she can give back to her community.