Sarah Coombs of Plum Point is an environmental science student at Memorial University’s Grenfell Campus. She is a long-time volunteer in her community and at school, and says volunteering taught her a lot about organizing and running events, speaking in crowds, and managing time.

As a member of several sports teams in high school and a leader in the Jackrabbits ski program, Sarah encourages young people to live a healthy life. She was an active member of her school’s student council, where she helped organize anti-violence and anti-bullying activities to make school a better place. Sarah was also a member of the drama club, and won several awards with the group, including being picked to represent the province at the Sears Atlantic Drama Festival.

Sarah still finds time to volunteer while in university. She says she may pursue an education degree after finishing her environmental science degree, and ultimately wants to reside and work within Newfoundland and Labrador.