Jestine Coles is from L’Anse au Loup and graduated from Labrador Straits Academy in 2011. She is currently attending College of the North Atlantic in St. John’s and wants to become a biomedical engineer. Typically, biomedical engineers work in places like pharmaceutical or biotech companies and research laboratories.

As an avid volunteer, Jestine has contributed to her community in several ways. She has volunteered her time to the local youth centre, her school’s recycling program, helping teach Sunday school, assisting with Canada Day activities alongside the community council, and with the local minor hockey league

Additionally, Jestine has tutored kids through Tutoring for Tuition and on her own time. She has also worked on a SWASP (Student Work and Service Program) as a coordinator for a children’s camp. This leadership role involved organizing activities and working with children of all ages.

Jestine says she wants to embark on another creative developmental path to personal and academic growth. She believes that post-secondary education does more than simply educate; but also acts as a working model of civil society that helps create, sustain, and improve communities.